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Time – A Blessing or a Curse?

MP900309664I am thankful for time. Every day I have 24 hours to use. And yet, it seems I get so little done. But is it because I need more minutes in a day or because I need to allocate my time more efficiently?

How many minutes in a day do I waste worrying about the future? Worry without action becomes a wasted exercise of time.

How many minutes in a day do I waste thinking about the past – ruminating over what I should have done, what I said or didn’t say, how others may have interpreted my conversation?

Reflecting is important when we look for lessons learned and information gained in order to make changes in our behaviors that are more productive.

How many minutes in a day do I waste dreaming of what I want to accomplish but do nothing to design a goal and plan of action to make it happen.

There are so many minutes in the day that I have allowed to slip by without identifying and completing the things I want to accomplish.

I don’t need any more minutes in a day – I need to refine what I really want to do, make those goals and figure out a plan within the time frame I have to accomplish it.

I don’t need to cram more activities into each day – I need to be more selective. I don’t need a longer To-Do list, I need to prioritize what is essential and let go of the rest. I don’t need to work until there is no time left for rest and relaxation. I need to schedule time for respite.

How about you? Do you want more hours in the day – or less? Do you want to accomplish more or give up on your dreams and passions?

I challenge me to make better use of my time. I challenge me to set reasonable goals within reasonable time limits. I challenge me to be consistent with time management and to discipline myself. And within those challenges find the time to accomplish the things that are important, reduce stress and allocate time for rest and relaxation.

How about you? I challenge you to take a review of how you spend the minutes and hours of each day. How can you make time work for you, accomplishing your goals, reducing your stress and finding time for family and friends.

Marlene Anderson



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  1. Reply Steve Mathisen

    Nice thoughtful piece…thoughts worth spending time to reflect on.

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