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True Blue

Yesterday I attended a memorial for a friend of mine whose son had died.  Family is so precious and we want to always remember them.

So, I decided to re-post a blog I did in remembrance of my son who died the day after Thanksgiving in 2009.

We continue to remember his bright smile, his humorous quips, and his incredible drawing and art. And we can’t help but smile and laugh as we think about him.

You are never forgotten, Don.  From me, your sister and your brother, we post again some of your incredible art, pictures of you growing up and the recording of the song written for and about you by your friend, David Abramson.



True Blue

(for Don Anderson)

Every now and then

The phone would ring

And he would ask me simply

How is everything?

And though I seldom called him

His kinship kept its hue

He was true

True blue

The first time I met him

He was doodling

And again with phantom pen

As he lay fading

From the dawn of the Don

To the midnight gone

He was true

True blue


And sometimes we would wonder

What’s in store for him

Whether charcoal clouds would sully

The good lines in him

But even his demons and dragons

Had a wink in the way that he drew

He was true

True blue


When we shared a dinner

I now recall

His kind defense of others

He made room for all

His friends were a colorful gumbo

A spicy and marvelous stew

And we still

Love you


And so we arise from the mourning

With the wiser smiles we’ve Donned

And the love

Lives on

And the love

Lives on

(c) (c) David Abramson, Feb. 6th, 2010


David was Don’s friend and he wrote this song for Don after he died.  The song in many ways represent the feelings of so many of his friends in California where he worked and lived.  They loved him.

And so do we – his remaining family members.

Don died, November 27, 2009

We all still love you – you will always be a part of our lives.


Some pictures of him and family.

Don - early drawingBob and Don



He was drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil







Don and his brother Bob



Disney Land



Don and I at Disneyland







Eliz and DonHis Sister, Elizabeth and him enjoying one of their many rollicking laughs – both Bob and Elizabeth adored their brother Don.





Our 40th anniversary - 1



He came to help us celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  He had been working in Santa Monica for many years as a Conceptual Creative Artist






Some of his creative talent – Throughout his grade school and high school years he was sketching and would absolutely amaze people who came to visit as he would complete a sketch in about 15 minutes.

Don's scanned art 009Don's scanned art 001


Don's scanned art 008


Don's scanned art 007

















Some of his monsters and creatures

Don - Monster - 43










Misc 13 jpg








Concept Design - 1 jpg










Commissioned to create the designs that would be used for the Crayola Anniversary Bus tourDon - Crayola bus - 1 - Don designed bus and set



Illustrations - 2















Illustrations - 3 jpg












There are boxes and boxes and files and files of his work.  There are video’s of short stories he wrote, produced and directed.  The pictures above don’t begin to give credit to the huge repertoire of art and accomplishments before pancreatic cancer took his life.

You are always with us.

Love you,

Mom, Elizabeth and Bob                 

8 Responses to “True Blue”

  1. Reply Sue Peterson

    Beautiful and honoring tribute song; Don clearly loved life, his family and friends – and was loved. And what a talented artist . . . thank you for sharing these rich and touching memories that live on.

    • Reply Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

      Thanks Sue – He was one of those special gifts God gives to you. He was an incredible young man. E-mails from his friends indicate they still miss him as well.

  2. Reply Pastor Kevin

    Love the song
    Loved the guy
    Love his family….of which we are all a part of

    • Reply Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

      Thanks Pastor Kevin – You were such a part of his passing and all our family. Blessings on your ministry and church

  3. Reply Norma Nill

    What fantastic drawings! I relate to what you’ve gone through and how God has given you peace in your son’s absence. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, Marlene.

    • Reply Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

      Thanks Norma, He was a great guy and loved by so many.

  4. Reply Sheila Tonne

    This song is a beautiful tribute to Don. You feel like you know him (or wish you had) His creative spirit shines through in his artwork.

    • Reply Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

      Sheila, Don was a joy to raise. And everyone loved him. I was so blessed to have him for a son. And the composer who wrote the song in his honor gave me the rights. I love the piece.

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