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What a Guy!

001 There are two trees in the back of my house. Their trunks touching, roots entwining, they reach high into the sky – together – yet separate. They are a symbol of the life I shared with my husband – separate yet with deep, entwining and supporting roots. The love we shared was as deep and connected as the roots of these two trees.  We nurtured each other while allowing the other the independence to grow in our own way.

So I wrote in my latest manuscript, From Winter to Spring, describing the relationship my husband and I shared.

What a guy!  Professional musician (played the sweetest trombone you ever heard), playing for such greats as Sammy Davis, Jr., Lena Horne, and Mel Torme, Glen Miller and many other big bands, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Broadway shows, etc., Music Dept Chairman and music teacher, husband, father and beloved by the many talented music students that privileged his classroom.

LeRoy 001

I was blessed to have him in my life for 42 years.  Those early years were full of struggle, little money, family illness and sacrifices.  But together, we not only built a deep, abiding and unshakable loving relationship, but also used our limited resources to build each of our homes, raise special needs children, take care of ailing parents, and put in long hours of work.

As kids got older, we traveled, cruised the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands, ran away with the circus and entertained good friends.

He was a man I not only loved but respected. He was my best friend.

Thank you, Le Roy!  I miss you.  How blessed I was to have you in my life for all those years.

Marlene Anderson


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