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“What If?”…Questions I Ask

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What if

We stopped trying to live the perfect life.

Would we become real?

What if

We stopped pretending we had it all together.

Would we fall apart, or would we finally recognize our need for help?

What if

We saw the Ten Commandments as a gift from a loving Father trying to teach us how to live non-destructive lives.

Would we use more of them?

What if

We really believed God cared about us more than any earthly being could.

Would we finally trust and believe?

What if

We could actually say, “I’m a sinner, Lord, forgive me.”

Would we finally be able to set down that bag of garbage we’ve been carrying around all these years? Would we stop struggling and find rest and peace?

What if

We gave our hearts to God instead of our good intentions and good works?

Would we be able to let go of our fake facades and be transformed?

What if

We accepted God’s forgiveness.

Would we find peace?

What if

We forgave ourselves.

Would we be more forgiving?

What if

We actually loved ourselves because God loves us?

Would we be able to love others more?

What if

We just came and sat with God every day:  talking – listening – being still?

Would we hear His quiet-but-strong voice?

What if

Instead of asking, “why, why, why – why did this happen, why did God allow this, why did I screw up again, why can’t I ever get anything right, why, why, why,” we simply said, “I don’t know why, and I don’t care. I just know God loves me – Period. He said it, I believe it.”

If He has the power to create this entire universe, this world, all the laws of science that maintain it, and you and me, do we really need to know all the whys?

What if

We saw service as a joy instead of a duty.

Would those we serve see the love and compassion of a God who loves them too?

What if

There was no God?

It would be the day I died, and life no longer would have meaning. The universe would no longer reflect light. The earth would stop rotating and on that day I would be joyless, lifeless. There would be no love – no laws – no protection – no joy – nothing! The earth would be full of nothing. It would consist only of facades, distorted mirrors, and with no way to get out of the endless cycle of lies, deceit, and greed. Everyone would be left with a life that has no meaning, rotating around and around on a merry-go-round that never stops, and we would experience hopelessness and despair.

No God? Impossible!!!

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