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What is Working – What is Not

MP900285119There I go again!

How easy it is to complain about this and that – what is working – what is not – what others are doing or not doing or should be doing, how tough life has become, etc. Complaining is such a normal way to take the pressure off life, especially when it seems we  have so little control over things. 

But when complaining becomes a habit, we find ourselves stuck in problems we do not want, situations that are not working and waiting for somebody else to find solutions.

When we find fault with everything, there is no longer a balance between what is working and what is not. When we allow these attitudes to become pervasive, we no longer look for solutions. After a while we cannot see anything positive in our lives – everything is no good.

So, I try to remember to ask myself when something isn’t working, what can I do to correct it? Am I simply venting or am I avoiding problems that I can do something about? Am I developing a habit of complaining and avoidance? Does complaining keep me from doing the hard work of defining problems and looking for solutions?

When I look for the balance in life I see all the blessings I have and am reminded that there are so many problems that I can resolve if I only take the time to stop and search for solutions. 

Marlene Anderson

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