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Where Do We Go From Here? Moving Beyond Survival

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January — a time for new year’s resolutions. However, like all good intentions, they fall by the wayside. Until we think through and actually define what we want, our ambitions and aspirations will remain just dreams and desires.

  • What do I want and why is it important to me?
  • What is needed to create a workable goal?
  • What benefits will I get?

Where do we go from here?

When I first began blogging and podcasting years ago, it was to share the training and information gained from my counseling and teaching career. The topics covered a range of subjects from grief and loss, parenting, and communication, to acquiring the general life skills we need each day.

Many crises can be avoided if we recognize problems early enough and define them accurately so we can find the solutions we need.

Learning to Live Again in a New World, by Marlene Anderson | focuswithmarlene.comThe last couple of years, my blog and podcast have followed a more defined theme. In 2019, my book, Learning to Live Again in a New World, was released (available on Amazon), and my blog/podcast revolved around going beyond grief to make that necessary transition from painful loss to a new beginning.

After updating my book, Make Stress Work for You, (available as a pdf and audio on my website) my blog articles reflected how we can reduce the unwanted stress in our lives by understanding how we contribute to our problems.

Last year, I chose stories I had written over the years. I expanded and re-posted them. They represent the many life experiences we all share, from anxiety and fear to happy and exciting encounters. Those stories have been put into a soon-to-be-published book, Threads of Life.

Going beyond dreams and desires

Years ago, a dear friend encouraged me to write a book about what it takes to survive as women in a world that is often harsh and unforgiving. The book would be based on interviews I did with women who shared inspiring stories of struggles and survival.

We are often unaware of the challenges people endure in order to not only survive but create a promising life. It is within our struggles where we get to know ourselves, become strong and confident. I started writing the book and then set aside as I worked on other writing projects.

This year, however, I want to return to that theme of going beyond survival. With COVID, lockdowns, losses of jobs and financial security, life becomes more and more traumatic. The stories I have collected over time are as relevant today as they were yesterday.

If you have struggled with overwhelming challenges during these past couple of years, the information may provide the tools you need to overcome or go beyond.

  • Perhaps you are struggling with ongoing formidable problems.
  • Perhaps there have been a string of traumas leaving you exhausted.
  • Perhaps it is simply that life has not been predictable, reliable, or enjoyable for a long time and you want to find a way to move beyond.

Let’s get started

This month, I will describe in more detail what it takes to survive, how circumstances affect each of us differently as well as collectively, and offer ways to minimize unwanted outcomes.

You will have the opportunity to take that next step beyond survival to find the motivation, inspiration and will power to formulate a new workable plan of action.

The pandemic, lockdowns and constant restrictions have left us feeling as though life is no longer reliable, stable, or dependable. Changes are happening faster and faster without time to compensate, rethink, or put new adaptive plans in motion. After a while, anxiety takes up permanent residence, inviting with it depression, worry, fear, and even loneliness.

How do we return to normal – even a new normal?

We can stop and consider new approaches to work on problems, ways that expand our frame of reference and offer more constructive options. The goal is to find new coping skills and methods to use moving forward.

As you read my upcoming blog posts and listen to my podcast, would you take a moment and give me feedback?

  • Was the information helpful?
  • Were you able to apply it successfully?
  • What other strategies or “life tools” would you like to know about?

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And remember, no matter what, don’t give up. You can make it.

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