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Where is Your Focus

MP900432895Whatever the situation, our focus will determine what we do, how long we do it and where it will take us. Our focus is the attention we give to anything. It can have either a positive or negative result.

If we focus on what we can’t do, we will worry, suffer anxiety, give up, and become hostage to anything that seems out of our control.  The mindset is we are incapable of finding solutions, unqualified to learn, and unable to take charge of our responses to life.

If our focus is on what we can do, we will problem solve, recognize and accept our weaknesses and apply our time and effort to finding solutions and working to achieve goals.

Your focus sets the tone for your life – it sets the direction.

Your focus will motivate or discourage you.

Your focus ultimately will determine who you become. Life may throw huge obstacles at us, but we can find a way to overcome them.

It is the obstacles of self-defeat, self-doubt, and self-recrimination, that keep us from taking the necessary risks to set new goals and take those little wobbly baby steps forward into the unknown.

FOCUS on God – let Him lead – develop a relationship

FOCUS on developing your talents and skills

FOCUS on choices and possibilities

FOCUS on developing core principles and values – live them


In the upcoming weeks, my blogs will FOCUS on all the ways you can take charge of your life.

Marlene Anderson

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