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Where is Your Focus

Bald Eagle in FlightWhatever you focus on, you will become – If you focus on failure, you will fail.  If you focus on success you will succeed.  If you focus on what you can do, the things you can’t do won’t be that important.

 Focus on what you can do – not what you can’t

Too often the troubles of the day distract us, keeping us focused on all the things we can’t do. When that happens, we are unable to see options, possibilities, ways to overcome – and we get mired in the muck of life.

When we stay focused on all the things that are wrong, our mindsets gradually change from, “I can do this” to “I can’t do this. What’s the use of trying – it won’t make a difference anyway.”

Attainable Goals

As we enter the New Year, turn your wishes and resolutions into attainable goals. All too often, however, we start with great enthusiasm and motivation and then slip back into old patterns and habits that are comfortable and less challenging. and rationalize why we didn’t make the changes we wanted.

Remaining Motivated

  • Break down long term big goals into small attainable goals
  • Why is this goal important?  Make a list of benefits. Remind yourself of them every day
  • Write a goal statement that defines exactly what you want to accomplish and why
  • What are the costs involved in terms of time, effort, sacrifice and finances
  • Are you prepared to work on this goal knowing the costs involved?
  • Write and sign a statement of commitment
  • Evaluate all obstacles and find ways to overcome them
  • Stay focused on completing your goal.  Remind yourself of your abilities to accomplish this goal.


Never Give Up

We will get discouraged and at times get off track. Simply put yourself back on  schedule again. We are replacing old habits.  Making goals require self regulation and self starting.  Focus on your goal every day.  Congratulate and celebrate each little step you take towards accomplishing your goal.

Go for it.  You can meet accomplish your goals.

Marlene Anderson



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