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Where we Begin

img_0274“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.” Jeremiah 1


Last week, we explored building a house and then designing a landscaping plan for your yard.

Landscaping can be more or less a challenge depending on the ground, the soil, what was left after construction and what you do with it. What can be left? What needs to be removed? What can be incorporated into the design itself?


Where do we begin?


Tatters of our life can often resemble a gravel pit. How do we get from there to a beautiful garden? Where do you begin such a daunting project?

The same place Mrs. Butchart did.

She didn’t just cover up the hole; she used it as her spring board.

If she had just filled the large expansive gravel pit that remained after quarrying ended, it would not be the beautiful gardens it is today.


img_0322In examining the steps involved in landscaping, we find some commonalities we need to design a landscaping plan for our lives.

First, what do you have to work with. This requires an honest appraisal of where you are at this moment in time. That means acceptance of the good, bad and ugly without denial, cover ups or excuses. If you do not take this first step, hidden obstacles will slow down you progress or alter your plans.

Second, a desire to make some changes. What aren’t you satisfied with right now and why? What would be different if you made some changes?

Third, with that desire a vision can be created of what you want to do and would you want to have happen.

Fourth, what things are needed to make your plan work.  This includes among other things a cost analysis of time, finances, and support. We may do most of the work, but we need others to assist and support our efforts if only to encourage.

And fifth, become the architect that will lay out the plan that is needed; recognize obstacles and ways to overcome or bypass them.  And then seal it with a signed commitment by you as to why this is important to you. This will stay help keep you motivated.


In my program, I designed seven steps to complete this project.  Each gives you a brief inventory of what is needed and things for you to consider as you develop your own personal landscape design.

Your Special Journal

Get a beautiful journal and entitle it “My Beautiful Garden”.  As you work through the steps I outline in the upcoming blogs, capture your thoughts on paper.  This is your architectural workbook.  It is an evolving project.

I have been involved in the construction of several homes.  Each design and lot created its own challenges. At first it could be intimidating when looking at a pile of rubble and trying to figure out how you can turn it into something satisfying and inviting.  But it got more and more exciting as you began to see possibilities that your vision grew.  You knew that your landscaping design would not only enhance your newly built home,but serve as an ongoing sense of pleasure and contentment.

The same is true when we stop and look at the rubble in our lives.  But as you step out in creating a life that is both exciting and deeply satisfying, the work ahead of you becomes more and more exciting.

Next week, we will start the 7 step process.

Marlene Anderson

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