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Why, What and How

regensberg-10-16We can usually identify what it is we don’t want, but often struggle to put into words exactly what we do want. Until we do, we will be unable to design a plan and stay focused to accomplish it.

Why, What, and How

What have you wanted to do but for whatever reason never got around to doing it.  Maybe you thought about getting more education, or starting your own business or putting time and energy into creating crafts that others would want to buy.

Perhaps you wished you could work for a worthwhile cause that pulls your heart. But life seems so hectic.

These three little words, why, what and how, along with the questions they pose may help you rethink those wishes and wants.  Use them to re-examine them and their importance to you.




  • Why do I want to do this or make this a goal?
  • Why have I hesitated in the past?
  • Why is it important now?
  • Why do I procrastinate if I say I want it?
  • Why do other things take precedence and seem more important than reaching this goal? (Example: would have to give up free time, become more disciplined and self regulated, continue working towards even when I don’t feel like it in the moment, etc.)


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  • What specifically do I want to do, to have, to attain?
  • What keeps me from doing it? (past attempts, past failures, lack of commitment, etc.)
  • What obstacles, restrictions, setbacks do I face (financial, age, lack of support, determination, fear, unsure, insecurity, etc.)
  • What interferences are there? (Demanding job, family concerns, over committed in other areas, home to maintain, etc.)
  • What would happen if I didn’t make a decision and get started?




  • How will I maintain my other important and necessary commitments (job, family, church, rest, important relationships, etc.)
  • How will I get past those discouraging moments?
  • How will I keep myself motivated when I am tired and alternative diversions become more compelling?
  • How will I define my goal specifically enough so I know exactly how to structure my plan of action?
  • How will I know when I have reached my goal and am ready for the next one?


As you think through some of the reasons why you haven’t started on some of those meaningful goals, consider the following.


Reasons we fail

  • We lack long term commitment
  • We give up
  • We have an initial spurt of energy but not a plan to take us all the way
  • We haven’t taken an honest look at our strengths and weaknesses, accepting all of ourselves as being okay, looking at the past with only the intention to identify repeated errors without analyzing and constructing a way to counter them, etc
  • We haven’t addressed diversions that occur every day
  • We haven’t identified why we haven’t succeeded in the past and put in place ways to counter that
  • We allow old messages to keep surfacing and we begin to pay more attention to them than our new goal: Ex: Do I really want to put this much effort into this program? What if it doesn’t go anywhere and I get nothing from my efforts?
  • We haven’t established our values and have written a mission statement for ourselves.

portrait of a young woman standing with arms akimbo in a parkTrying and failing is never a reason not to try.  If it is important to you, it is worth the effort to try.  You can succeed.

Marlene Anderson

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