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Wounded People

j0433113I lost a brother last week – sudden – unexpected.

In honor of his death and life, and for anyone who has lost a loved one, I post a poem I wrote in 2008 when I was working with people going through grief – wounded people.

You may have struggled going through a major loss in your life. Or you may be helping a friend who is grieving.  This is for anyone who has been in that position.

Wounded People


Need a hand for support as they learn to walk again

Need friends who will be there

Need to know they can honor their journey

Need to have their feelings and experience validated

Need assistance – not fixing

Need someone who is willing to listen

Need acceptance, grace, understanding, compassion

Do not need pity, trite words, or lectures about the future

Need to know they are okay – when someone who has leg surgery they want to know,

“Will I be able to walk again?”

Wounded people need to know “Will I be able to live again?”

Need encouragement

Need to know they are still needed

Need time to recover, sort things through and restructure their life

Need to know they will enjoy life again

Need to know that life is worth living – there is a purpose and meaning

Healing occurs when we allow ourselves to go through the pain,

Are willing to reach out for support when we need it,

To gain the strength and courage to create a new beginning

Marlene Anderson

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  1. Reply Sue Peterson

    These are beautiful words of wisdom – thank you for giving in the midst of your sadness and sudden loss. My prayers are with you and family. Our siblings are so dear and I pray you will find Grace in each day as our Comforter draws near to you.

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