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Writer’s Retreat

MP900444381This summer I spent an incredible week at a writer’s retreat with seven women authors. From the moment we got up in the morning to the moment we went to bed late at night we wrote.

The house graciously extended to us for the week was large enough for each to find a quiet secluded spot to sit with our laptops and write. Except for those times when we shared writing journeys, listened and offered support for each other or when we met for our evening meal, we were immersed in creating and developing our ideas.

It was an inspiring, exciting and highly productive week.

During this time, I was able to expand and create an outline for my next book, “The Next Step, How to deal with Adversity”. It was exciting to see the chapters and content develop into a cohesive unit.

Learning ways to become self-reliant as single women is both critical and challenging in a world where major change happens in the blink of an eye.

Self-reliance does not mean we are totally independent. It does not mean we don’t need the support and mentoring of others. It does mean that we are required to determine what our needs and interests are and find ways to develop them and provide for our welfare.

Self-reliance means developing a sense of self that is both separate yet connected to others requiring honesty and authenticity.

Support means encouraging one another to meet the challenge of our struggles.

For those who have been following my blogs and have signed up for my free monthly newsletter, you know that I have been writing on this theme, The Next Step, since last December. As I continue to expand and write on this theme, it becomes even more apparent to me how important it for us as women to learn not only what it takes to survive in this rapidly changing world, but also find ways to remain grounded and stabilized as we develop our identity.

Marlene Anderson

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