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You are the Master of Your Goals

SkiingMany of us watched as the Winter Olympics played out on our TV screens. Whether it was figure skating, snowboarding or other team sports, the competitors had spent many, many hours of practice and training to reach their level of competence. Time and money and effort were sacrificed every day for many years. You practiced whether you felt like it or not.

Few of us can identify with the personal resolve and determination required to become a gold, silver or bronze star medal winner. Yet, if we take our goals seriously, we are making a commitment of time and effort.

Setting goals is a mindset. The goal itself sets the direction and the roadmap. But on those dark days when we see no progress or we are just exhausted, we need to maintain that resolve to keep going, making whatever corrections are necessary.

With that said, if we have set unrealistic time constraints and tight scheduling for ourselves we will suffer from high levels of stress, potential health problems, burnout and family strain.

You are the master of your goals

It takes days and years to become a proficient musician or an accomplished athlete or a seasoned sailor. It takes time and many little steps to reach levels of proficiency. Any race that is won has had many hours, days and years in training and practice.

Become the master of your goals rather than a slave to unintentional and unhealthy action plans.

You do not need to abandon your goals – but make appropriate corrections and modifications when necessary.

Marlene Anderson






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