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You Got to be Kidding!

Young Woman Standing Over a Car Engine Bay Checking An Oil DipstickAdversity a blessing? You got to be kidding! Who would even consider such a thing?

Who wants adversity? And how can misfortunes or hard times ever be considered a blessing?

And yet, when I am honest with myself, it is precisely in those times of difficulties and hard times where I have grown, learned I could do more than I thought I ever could, and developed emotional, mental and spiritual muscles. It is where I learned to face my vulnerabilities head on, where I choose to take charge of my life, and not back away, sidestep or become a victim.

 Adversity will challenge us. Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone and take some risks? Am I ready to acknowledge my limitations and celebrate my strengths?  Am I ready to put in the effort and hard work to become capable and confident?

When I am in the middle of difficult times, I do not consider it a blessing. It is only later, when I look back, that I can see that I have been blessed in the process.

Here are some of the things I learned through adversity.  Perhaps you can identify with them:

  • An “ I can do it” mindset
  • I can stretch my capability far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of
  • I have learned grace and forgiveness and humility
  • I learned there are always solutions to problems if we are willing to search for them
  • I have learned to make tough choices based on principles and core values
  • I am never alone – God is always there with me even when I don’t feel His presence
  • I have learned gratitude for the simple things in life: love, friendship, loyalty, freedom and hard work
  • I have learned only I can be in charge of my life – and only I can give that power away


May you be blessed in some way through your challenges and struggles.

Marlene Anderson



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