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A New Year – A New Beginning (How to Reflect on What You Learned)

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As we end this year and begin another, take some time to reflect on the instructive things you have learned or gained throughout the year.

We often remain focused on regretful things and fail to remember the good things we have achieved and the obstacles we have overcome.

We minimize the good things, not considering them to be that important. But they are important, as they become learning tools to take with us into the new year.

Here are some things to consider in that reflection.

  • Perhaps you stopped yourself before lashing out in anger or stopped and thought carefully before responding to an inciteful circumstance.
  • Perhaps you listened more during conversations and looked for positive ways to communicate needs and wants.
  • Perhaps you decided it wasn’t worth it to keep holding on to that grudge and you let go of it.

These are just a few things we may not have thought of as positive steps to keep building on.  Reflection allows us to expand on that learning, making it applicable in the new year.

Congratulate yourself for all the steps you took to overcome and grow this past year. Don’t minimize even one of them.

Each little step leads to a bigger one and to the end accomplishment you desire.

Happy New Year! See you next year.


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