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Friendship Circles

IMG_0728We came together to pray and plan and encourage and find out where we were on our career paths.

Author, counselor, coach, teacher – we all congregated at my home for our annual retreat from life as usual to catch up and listen and ask for and receive clarification of our goals.

Sometimes our talking went on so long we failed to realize we were hungry when it was time to eat.

Friends: they support us and are willing to give us the valuable information we need from a trusted friend.

Our friendship circle was formed so we could support each other and encourage one another in our life’s work. Setting aside our wants and wishes, we reached out to help each other visualize and test their goal ideas. We shared information from the educational and training backgrounds we had along with articles we have read and books we recommended reading. At times it was like a think tank – exploring what we could accomplish if we set our hearts and prayers to it.

Friends: they are worth their weight in gold. No amount of money can substitute for friends who care.

We can accomplish many things in life – some of which, when looking backward can seem pretty impressive. But it is hard to accomplish a lot without the support of those who we can call friend. We can dream dreams and put our shoulder to the wheel of life and make things happen; but it is the support of friends who encourage us when we are down and out and take time out from their own busy schedules to give us a hand back up.

An honest and true friend will warn you about dangers of going down a wrong path while helping you visualize impossible dreams and goals. A loyal friend will support you when everything goes wrong or when you need help.

That is a friend I want to be – that are some of the friends I have. I want to be a friend who will see the best in others, and who care as much about them as I do about myself. I want to be a friend who will take time to listen and pray and support.

Marlene Anderson

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