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The Next Step

MP900439455The Next Step

Do you remember your first toddling steps?

I don’t. But we’ve all had them.  While we may not remember our first attempts at walking, we remember snippets of running and jumping and falling down with scraped knees and scaring our parents half to death as we climbed and explored places where danger was adventuresome.

As we march through life, we take steps full of confidence and those filled with timidity and hesitation.

There were those hesitant steps as we entered kindergarten, and then bounded through grade school and high school, entering college with a false sense of self and doubt but soon striding with self confidence. Soon we were light footing it into romance and love and then that solemn walk down the aisle. Steps in tandem soon slowed down as we tried to match the baby steps of our first toddler.

As the years marched on, we became more sure-footed, learning not to make the same mistakes twice.

But then just as we had found a comfortable gait, life throws us some unexpected hard balls and we learn we don’t have as much control as we thought we had.

Losses and tragedies knock us down and our steps are slowed to a halt in grief, unsure of whether we can recover and start moving again. The next steps are once again hesitant, unsure and less confident as we let go of expectations and assumptions that seemed so right.

Where are you in your life journey?

Wherever you are in your journey of life, your steps will either be a broad stride or hesitant as you consider new paths. Sometimes the choices may seem limited but they are always there.

What step are you on? Where in the life chain of events do you find yourself?

Perhaps you are working through the loss of a favorite person, the end of health as you knew it. It may be a time of reflection before you step out again.  It may be a time of excitement as you consider new options.

The Next Step

Follow along with me as I begin a new exciting series of blogs that will focus on how we can make our next steps the best ever.

Marlene Anderson

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