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The Power of Words


Jennifer was a goal setter – she attended college, returned home for a visit, met and married her first husband.

But then her world began to fall apart and like all of us whose ideals, expectations and normal assumptions for life begin to crumble, she found herself struggling to save her marriage – eventually realizing it was beyond saving.

She went from a healthy, vibrant individual to sinking into a troubling depression and wondering what life was all about.

As she struggled with the enormous changes that had occurred  and the overwhelming challenges she faced, she found a bracelet that had been lost.  Unable to find the owner, she looked more closely at the words that encircled the band:

                      Imagine     Create    Believe    Achieve

                    Inspire    Transform


She found within the words inscribed on the bracelet the inspiration and motivation to put the pieces of her life together again – this time addressing what she really wanted to do with the rest of her life and began taking the steps to make that happen.  Today she is a vivacious, energetic, goal oriented woman who knows what is important to her and works to make it happen.  Her smile and positive attitude is infectious and she is loved by all the individuals that attend and benefit from her exercise classes.

I met Jennifer when I attended one of her Strength and Balance classes under her company, Inspire Fitness. It was where I saw the above words printed on a t-shirt she was wearing.  It immediately peaked my interest.  And with her permission, met to hear her story for a book I am writing, The Next Step beyond Survival, which chronicles the lives of women who have endured tough times and not only persevered but thrived.

   Imagine   Create   Believe   Achieve

Inspire  Transform

Because I want to share the power these words can have on individuals facing difficult times, my upcoming blogs will focus on each of them as together we explore the possibilities we have.

As we reflect on all the things we can create if we allow our imagination and creativity to flow and believe we can do the things that inspire us, we will be transformed from not knowing what our next step will be to discovering and living the values, passions and interests that make each of us unique, and then setting new goals, working with purpose and meaning to bring them about.

Taking that next step is both scary and exciting.  It is where we reach out and take our Lord’s hand and ask His help to lead and guide us to become the person we were created to be.


Marlene Anderson

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