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How do I say Goodbye?

SSGP1563How do I say goodbye?


She was petite, perky, and full of life. Her smile brightened a room and you felt uplifted as soon as she walked in.


She never made a big deal about the obstacles she faced in her life. With severe food allergies she would bring her own food with her to any event without any fanfare and nobody noticed. It wasn’t a big deal to her. Life was to be enjoyed and not spoilt by little things you could or couldn’t do.


Her outlook on life carried through in all situations. She looked at problems and found solutions.


How do I say goodbye


She was my friend.


A Quiet Cove 001Throughout life we are saying goodbye to people – some who have come in for only a short time while others stayed longer. For some the connection was transitory – but others stayed and took root in our lives and our hearts. They became an integral part of who you were and by their presence in your life helped you develop more of who you could become.


Barbara Cooper touched many lives with her gentle but bold spirit. We sailed together with our husbands in the San Juan’s and Canadian Gulf Islands.Last week, we celebrated her life together with tributes, a piano solo by a granddaughter who flew to Washington from England and a parting song, Say It With A Song, from the chorus she loved to sing with.


How do we say goodbye?


j0433113We don’t. We tuck the wonderful memories we had of her in our hearts where she will always be with us until we meet again.


Marlene Anderson


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