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Anderson family

In July, 1959 we became the proud parents of our first child, a son we named Robert (Bob). A happy kid, full of energy, he grew up with an inquisitive mind for computers, writing and creating games. He had a heart for kids and loved cats (he still does).

Eighteen months later, our daughter, Elizabeth was born. Bright, cheerful and full of life, she filled our hearts with happy escapades as she followed her brother around and at times made life miserable because doing things right came easy for her while he struggled.

Five years later, our last son, Don, was born.  He was special is so many ways. With a twinkle in his eye, he could make you smile and laugh. Born without the muscle capacity to hold up his head, he learned to walk, swing on ropes, play the trombone, be in cub scouts and act in drama classes with a brace designed especially for him. After back surgery and fusions, Don went on to become a conceptual artist in Santa Monica, CA. drawing, writing, and producing. Pancreatic cancer took his life in 2009.

Last year on Don’s birthday, I put up a memorial blog for him. This year, I wanted to not only honor him, but my other two children still living busy lives who I love dearly.  I am a proud Mother.

Don was loved by many people and the song, True Blue, below was composed for him by one of his many friends. (click on True Blue above for the link that will take you to the original site.)

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True Blue

by (c) (c) David Abramson, Feb. 6th, 2010 for Don Anderson

David was Don’s friend and he wrote this song for Don after he died.  The song in many ways represent the feelings of his many friends in California where he worked and lived, who loved him, as we his family did.


Some family pictures

Don - early drawingBob and Don



Don was drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil




Eliz and Don
Our 40th anniversary - 1


Don and his big brother, Bob




Elizabeth and Don enjoying one of their many rollicking laughs. Both Bob and Elizabeth adored their brother Don.








Helping us celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary






To see more of Don’s work and pictures, visit the blog posting True Blue.


I was blessed with a wonderful husband and marriage and three wonderful kids.  So, this year I give a tribute to all of them for being such an important part of my life. And to my husband, Le Roy, who died from a brain tumor in 2001.

I love you all,





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